Thursday, June 24, 2010

Revlon cosmetics, what is wrong with their product?

Ladies, I'm looking for tips to determine what the hell is wrong with this company. What happened to their product that turn you off?

What is it going to take to get them back on track?

Full disclosure...

I have a financial interest as an investor. I hope Jack Stahl and Ron Perlman is listening to their consumers for the answers.Revlon cosmetics, what is wrong with their product?
Nothing is wrong with the company per say. Their line of make-up seems to be geared more towards the older ladies, and has less choice (color wise and product wise). They need to actively recruit buyers in the younger age ranges, otherwise they will eventually dry up. After all...there is more to this world than brown and black color wise. It's all about color, sparkle, shimmer, shine, cost, and choice in the make-up world.Revlon cosmetics, what is wrong with their product?
Not sure now, but I remember when they were in full animal testing mode at one time %26amp; this poster of a rabbit with it's eyes burning/bleeding out was on my English professers wall. She was a true animal rights activist!! Ever since then... I haven't touched the stuff!!! There's a list (I can't think of who put it out right now) of companies who preform animal testing so Revlon may still be doing/on it. They were very well known for this. I have the list, I'll try to find it to see if they're on it.
nothing is wrong......cover girl has the market!
is that they'r sold in drug stores *rolleyes*
At least in Mexico Revlon is much more expensive than other brands. It was hot in the seventies and it seems to have stayed that way, young people do not relate to it

How are these products from revlon?

I have tan skin with a golden undertone. I want to knwo if u reccomend the following products AND also plz tell me which colors i shud get of each

Sugar Sugar鈩?Lip Topping

Midnight Swirl鈩?Lip Lustre

Just Bitten鈩?Lip Stain

dont 4get to tell me what shades i shud get! if it helps i have dark brown eyes and i need something that'll be gud enough for school but even dramatic types like Midnight Swirl Lip Lustre works for like parties and stuff thanx!How are these products from revlon?
Ok, I have tried the Sugar Sugar and the Lip Stain. I like the Sugar Sugar, but the stuff is very powdery and the applicator isn't the greatest to use, but the effect is very pretty. The Lip Stain is nice, but the taste of it is mediciney. I haven't tried the Lip Lustre. Now as far as shades for you, you can use any of the Sugar Sugars for the most part. Plum Wicked in the Lip Stain. Shockolate, Sassy Sangria, or Reddish Fetish in the Lip Lustre. I am only gauging this by your description, it would be better if you posted a pic of your skin tone for a better match. Eye and hair color play into the complete look also. Also, go online to Revlon's website, they are offering a $2 off coupon.How are these products from revlon?
The Midnight Swirl works a treat on sensitive skin and emphasizes the lips to great measures. Its great for nites out!

The Just Bitten Lip Stain isn't worth it honey!!!!!! Don't go there!

The Sugar Sugar Lip Topping is the one that all men just can't get enough of! I met this girl in a bar and instantly recognised it and said ';Wow! You've got great lips.....It must be Sugar Sugar Lip Topping';.......for some strange reason she walked away......

(she must have been a lesbian!)
YUCK Revlon
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  • Has anyone else tried Revlon Double Twist Mascara?

    Its so horrible. I thought because it was expensive and it looked like it would be great that it would be. But Its so unbelievable clumpy!!!

    What is a really great mascara that makes your eyelashes look longer FOR REAL and doesnt clump and all that good stuff???

    Thanks!Has anyone else tried Revlon Double Twist Mascara?
    Maybelline Great Lash..(it's in the bright pink tube with the green cap).. It's really cheap and works amazingHas anyone else tried Revlon Double Twist Mascara?
    covergirl lash blast worked great for me.

    oh, and DON'T use maybelline greta lash. it clumps and does not lengthen and looks horrible.
    they sell rly good mascaras at sephora. a cheap but good one wld be lashblast by covergirl. if u wanna spend a bit more and get gr8 quality u shld buy diorshow by dior. its just the best mascara ever.
    Covergirl Lash Blast!


    Loreal Telescopic ';Definition';.
    loreal telescopic

    covergirl lash blast

    rimmel sexy curves

    Does anyone know where or if you can still buy Revlon Flex hair products?

    UK only please.Does anyone know where or if you can still buy Revlon Flex hair products?
    My research says it is here on uk

    I have never shopped Ebay so can't vouce for it.鈥?/a>

    This site has 50 pages; did not check them all. Did not have time.鈥?/a>

    Don't know if this is UK or not鈥?/a>

    ~Miss Makeover~Does anyone know where or if you can still buy Revlon Flex hair products?
    Have you tried Boots or Superdrug or maybe Tesco, used to use them years ago rem the shampoo was lovely. If you don't have any luck there go to one of big department stores that sell Revlon Makeup and they would be able to tell you or give you a phone no. so can ring customer care.

    Wish you luck, they also smelt lovely.
    i haven't seen that in years try corner shops they sometimes have old stock in....

    How much does revlon: color stay eyeliner cost at walmart?

    $8 or 9$ depends on where you liveHow much does revlon: color stay eyeliner cost at walmart?
    maybe go to walmart and see?How much does revlon: color stay eyeliner cost at walmart?
    well its $8.99 at wallgreens so it'll be round tht price x

    How to use Revlon frost & glow?

    My wife wants to use this highlighting kit. It has a cap with all the little holes in it to pull her hair through, but under this cap is a plastic layer. Are we supposed to poke through this to pull her hair through? Or do we just rip it out first?How to use Revlon frost %26amp; glow?
    your supposed to poke through the plastic layer.So you don't rip anything off.good luck

    Jennifer%26lt;3How to use Revlon frost %26amp; glow?
    People love Revlon frost and glow.It comes with the highlighting cap and every thing else you need... You can buy it for any shade from dark to blonde.. the one for?

    What brand of cosmetics do you prefer: Revlon or Maybelline?

    I sell cosmetics and I'm deciding in a shippment of Revlon or Maybelline that I want to order.

    What do you like best?

    thank youWhat brand of cosmetics do you prefer: Revlon or Maybelline?
    Physicians Formula Mineral Wear. :)What brand of cosmetics do you prefer: Revlon or Maybelline?
    maybelline....i hate revlon cosmetics.. they dont work that well. for me. ive also had rele bad experiences. like their eyeliner BURNNNS like crap if you make a mistake. Maybelline,,not so much..


    hope i helped=D
    maybelline is better in my opinion